Revenue Share Programme

The FiverrBot team takes great pride in introducing its Revenue Share Program, a unique opportunity for token holders to become co-owners of the platform and have a share in its revenue stream. By participating in the Revenue Share Program, token holders will enjoy remarkable benefits, including receiving 50% of the total FiverrBot revenue and an additional 20% of the token tax fees which will be distributed to holders in the form of staking platform. Unlike traditional staking programs that often offer limited rewards, holding $FiverrBot tokens provides tangible real yield, serving as an enticing incentive for active participation and engagement within the platform. The most exciting aspect is that the Revenue Share Program is set to launch just one week after FiverrBot grand launch, further strengthening the FiverrBot community by constantly looking at ways to reward them through the FiverrBot revenue stream. Join us on this thrilling journey and be part of an ecosystem that values and rewards its community.

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