How does it work?

Head over to @FiverrServiceBot on Telegram messenger and press the big blue start button

Select a Service

The first message will be a welcome message from FiverrBot, see below. You can go ahead and press start.

You will then see the options in the image below. Go ahead and click on ‘Search for Service’

You will then see the options below, you can go ahead and select the service you need. For this example, we will select ‘Graphic Designs’. Please note, you can select ‘Other’ if the service you need is not listed in the option in the image below.

Now you will see a list of Freelancers offering Graphics as a service, to browse through the different freelancers, select the arrow button. You can see what each Freelancer offers by reading through their BIO or clicking on their Socials.

Firstly you would need to contact the Freelancer to talk about the service you require, once a fee and order description has been confirmed, you can then use the Escrow service by clicking on ‘Create an order’.

Creating Order

Once you have conversed with the Freelancers and negotiated a price of the service you require, you can go back to the following menu and click on ‘Create Order’, You will need to input the payment amount in Eth as a message, see below.

You will need to provide a detailed description of the service you have agreed on with the freelancer. See below the example text provided by the BOT.

Finally, you will need to send payment to the FiverrBot wallet. Remember, this is a secure escrow service so the funds will NOT be released to the freelancer until it has been approved by yourself. You will get a confirmation of payment. See below the example of the message.

Sign up as a Freelancer

From the main menu, you will need to click start. Then you will see the options in the image below. Select ‘sign up as a Freelancer’.

Please note, freelancers are not limited to just offering one service, you can sign up for multiple services. For this example, we will sign up as a Website Developer. Once we have selected ‘Website Developer’ you will see the menu below where you start entering your information. Firstly, you will need to write out a short BIO.

Now you will need to enter the timezone and hours you work within. See the image below.

The next and final step is to list your socials, you can do this by entering your socials as a message. See below.

Now your signup is complete, an admin will look into the request and accept/reject the request accordingly.

To remove your listing, you can simply go back to the main menu and click on ‘remove my listing’ and then select the listing which you would like to remove, see below.

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